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Camp Sunshine is such a wonderful place. It's at a resort in Maine right on a big lake. Families got to stay in trailers or small cottages. Here is where we stayed. It was really nice inside with room for at least 4 people to sleep and a couch and bathroom and everything. At first I was a little upset because there wasn't a TV, but after I got use to it, I had a lot of fun.

The first friend I met was Joey. His Mommy types with my Mommy over the internet! I really like Joey, he's nice. On the first night we had fun throwing rocks into the lake. Joey has a problem with his kidneys too, but he doesn't need a transplant yet.

Camp Sunshine is so cool. Everyday us kids got to go off with volunteers and do fun things all day long. Then we had lunch with our Mommies and Daddies and then went to play some more! Then every night we had something fun going on. The first night there was a magic show. I LOVE magic! It was the first time I had ever seen a real magician!

On the second night we had a costume party! I had a lot of fun dancing with the other kids. I was The Cat in the Hat and my friend Jessie was a clown. We had so much fun.

During the day, when we were having fun, the Mommies and Daddies had a lot of fun doing silly games and also getting to talk to each other about what it's like to have special kids like us. My Mommy got to meet a lot of other Mommies that she types with over the internet. They are all part of KidComm, a group for parents of kids with kidney problems. Everyone met a lot of new parents too.

The KidComm Moms!

Here are all the KidComm families that came to Camp Sunshine! Wow!

I got to go mini-golping for the first time. I got a hole-in-one on my very first shot! We got to go out on a boat on the lake too. It was really pretty. I'm so glad that my Daddy could come with us.

We had a talent show and I got to sing with my friend Camron and his sister. We sang the VeggieTales Theme Song. I love that show.

One night all the kids got to watch movies and do fun things at night while our Mommies and Daddies had a nice dinner and dancing and karioke! My Daddy actually sang a song!

Here are two great people I met at camp. The one on the left is the family coordinator and the one on the right owns the resort (well, her and her husband do). They donate part of the camp a few weeks a year for Camp Sunshine. Aren't they great?! They are in the process of building a permenent Camp Sunshine. They need your help! Check out this site: Friends of Camp Sunshine.

Unfortunatly we had to leave camp a day early because of Hurricaine Floyd. When we got to the airport most of the flights were canceled or connecting airports were closed! We sat around the airport for quite a while trying to get things figured out. I hung out with my friends Robin and Joey. Finally we found out that we would have to stay in Maine another night. Camp Sunshine put us up at local motels (the families that couldn't get home) and even gave us some money for dinner! Luckily the hurricaine didn't hit too horribly hard. It rained a lot and the wind was really blowing, but we were safe.

Please visit Camp Sunshine's web site to learn more about it as well as get information about attending. Camp Sunshine:















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