2002 US Transplant Games

In June 2002 we got to go to the US Transplant Games again! It was in Florida again. My school, Big Sky, helped to raise money for the trip by selling flowers! They raised $400!!! I even got to thank them at an assembly.

We got to stay at the Disney All Star Sports Resort! It was really neat. We stayed in the building with tennis rackets on it!

Team Rocky Mountain is my team. It was fun to have other kids on the team!

Most of the events were held at Disney's Wide World of Sports again. I decided to do bowling this time, so we had to drive to where the bowling alley was.
I got to bowl with three other boys who were all my age. David, Wallace, and me! David has had a heart transplant (he was on the same team as me!) and Wallace and I have kidney transplants. I didn't win a medal, but I did get 7th place. I did pretty good since I have not bowled much!

Bowling went on for sooooo long that we were late for a Kidtrans get together! Mommy had e-mailed a whole bunch of other parents who have kids with transplants. I did get to meet some of the kids, but it was so busy at the Games with all the events happening all day long, that we didn't get to meet everyone.
A few mom's got to meet up though. My Mommy and her e-mail friend Erin. My Mommy can't remember the other mom's name though! If you know her, e-mail my mom! Erin's son is named Jonathan and he's a big kid! He had a kidney transplant too.

We got to meet another e-mail friend of my mom's too! Her name is Marrisa and she's had a liver transplant. She's been to lots of Transplant Games!
My mom e-mailed with lots of new people before the Transplant Games. I met a really fun girl named Kaitlyn. She's had a heart transplant. I had so much fun running around with her and her sisters! Her mom thought we were funny.

This year they had a Living Donor Ceremony. I got kind of bored, but I guess it was ok. There were A LOT of living donors there. Since my Mommy donated her kidney to me, we got a really neat pin. It comes apart so the donor and receipient each get half. The donor's half says "I Gave the Gift of Life" and has half of a ribbon with "donor" on the ribbon. The receipient's half says "I receveived the Gift of Life" and has the other half of the ribbon and it says "Receipient." Both sides say "Donate Life."

At the Closing Ceremonies they had a new award to give out this year. A trophy that went to the team who got the most medals (averaged, since some teams had lots more people than others). Guess what!!! Team Rocky Mountain won!!! I was so excited. Even if I didn't get a medal, it was still really exciting!

We were lucky and got to stay a few extra days so we could do Disney stuff. Daddy wasn't too thrilled about that, but me and Mommy had fun. We got to see the Magic Kingdom's new electric light parade. It's called the SpectroMagic Parade.

We were there during "One Hundred Years of Magic"! It was to celebrate Walt Disney's 100 birthday.
Cinderella's Castle is so beautiful!
We got to go to Disney/MGM Studios. That was really cool! I went on the Star Tours ride and see an Indiana Jones stunt show. We even got to see a parade of cars! We also got to see Fantasmic. It was a little scary, but I liked it.

Epcot was really neat. I love science and there was a lot to learn there. Daddy didn't feel too good, so he went back to the room, but Mommy and I stayed really late and saw all the different lands and watched the Tapestry of Dreams Parade. Then when it was dark we saw IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. It was so cool!
At the Animal Kingdom we ate breakfast with the Disney charecters! I got really excited when I saw them! I was a little shy too, but it was fun.

My Mommy has an old high school friend that lives in Florida, so her and her family came to see us! Mommy had not seen her in over 11 years! My Daddy knew her too. They all met each other about 15 years ago (before we all had internet access) on what they use to call a Bulletin Board System. I don't know what that is, but maybe some of you do.

My mom's friend's name is Michelle and she has a daughter named Megan who is close to my age. We went to McDonalds together and had a lot of fun playing together.
Here we are outside the Lego Store. Michelle and her husband and the two younger kids. Kati and Ryan. The Lego Store was really neat. I really like Legos. I have some sets that I play with, but mostly I like to leave them laying around on the floor for everyone to step on with their bare feet!

We even got to go to a water park called Blizzard Beach. It was so neat! I love playing in the water. My favorate part was sitting in an inner tube and floating around this "river" they had through the park. We got to go under waterfalls and through a cave and everything!

They had a really neat wave pool. It was like swimming in the ocean, only it was warm! Mommy and Daddy swam in it too!
There was even a place where you tried to walk across "icebergs"! I only made it across one before I fell in, but it was fun.

We had to leave early because there was a storm coming in. I didn't want to put my clothes on, so we rode back to the room in our swimsuits! Mommy thought this was a funny picture. I'm Super Bryan!
It rained A LOT while we were there. And there were tons of tiny little frogs! We saw one big one, but all the rest were so tiny! Mommy picked one up, but I was too afraid to touch it. I thought it was cute, but slimy looking.

It was a really fun trip. I hope we get to go to the next US Transplant Games. We don't know where it will be yet. I can't wait to find out! All we know is that it won't be in Florida in 2004.

We'll have to raise money to go again, so if you are interested in helping, we still have my
Transplant Games Fund















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