Translant Games Fund

I am trying to raise money so that I can go with my family and take part in the 2006 US Transplant Games! The Transplant Games are like the Olympics, but they are for kids and adults who have had a transplant. There will be other kids and adults there who have had all kinds of transplants. You can read a little about my trip to the 2000 US Transplant Games and the 2002 US Transplant Games if you want to.

This year they will be in Louisville KY! I am going to be swimming the 50 meter freestyle and bowling.

You can learn more about the games here:

2006 US Transplant Games

Donations can be made to the National Kidney Foundation in my name (this will help me reach my team fundraising goal) by donating on this site:

My family has opened up an account at a local bank to help pay for the rest of the expenses of the trip, such as food and lodging.

Bryan Dowdle's Transplant Games Fund
c/o First Interstate Bank
P.O. Box 30918
Billings MT 59116

Any money that is left over after the 2006 Transplant Games will go into my Medical Fund.

Another way you can help is buy visiting the Current fundraising site and ordering any of their products. Bryan will get 50% of anything you order.

When you go to the check out, it will ask for the state of your organization. Pick Montana

It will then ask for the name of the organization: Pick Bryan's Kidney Page

Here is the link: Current Fundraising

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