1st grade

picture of Dr. Kummer and me In August of 1999 I finally stopped having nightly tube feedings! I'm still a really picky eater, but I eat enough that I don't lose weight and sometimes even gain a little. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza! I still have my g-tube, but now we only use it for some of my medicine and some extra fluid. Someday I won't need it anymore. My new doctor here in Billings is really nice too. Her name is Dr. Kummer.

I got to go to Orchard Elementary school for 1st grade. I was even in a regular classroom. It was really hard because I had trouble understanding how to interact with other kids and they weren't too sure what to think of me either. But Orchard is right across the street from my house, so if something happens at school, my Mom can come and help.

In September of 1999 we got to go to a WONDERFUL place! (maybe not as wonderful as Disneyland, but very close!) We got to go to CAMP SUNSHINE! It's a special place for kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses and their families! It's in Casco, Maine. Check out my Camp Sunshine story and pictures.

me with my great grandma and grandpa My Great-Grandma and Grandpa Burton came to Great Falls for Thanksgiving 1999. My Mommy and Daddy and I drove up to see them all. My Uncle Steven was there too. I read to my Great-Grandma (with a little help). I'm so glad that I get to see them sometimes.

reading great-grandma a book I even read a book to my Great-Grandma! Maybe she helped a little, but I'm a pretty good reader. My Great-Grandpa is funny, he likes to tickle me! me and great grandpa

me and grandma and grandpa I wish my Grandma and Grandpa lived closer.

In April of 2000 my Mommy and I went back to UCLA for a check up and to see the autism evaluation clinic. While we were there I had to have a kidney biopsy. It was NOT fun. I had to lay on my back with a sandbag on my tummy. I had to lay there for 24 hours! That was WAY too long!

The doctor that looked at my kidney tissue said it was the best looking kidney tissue he ever saw from a three year old transplant! Of course I did have something called cyclsporine toxicity. That means that one of the medications I take to keep my body from rejecting my kidney was at too high of a dose. The doctors just changed the dose and hopefully that will be fine.

The autism people said that I don't have those other diagnoses that the guy in Great Falls said I did. They said I have autism. My case is mild, but it sure does explain a lot of things.

I didn't talk until I was about 4 1/2 years old. Then all I did was repeat what people said to me. Just since I was about 7 1/2 have I really been able to talk to people. I'm still way behind in language, but I'm doing better. I was and still am behind in other areas, but not as much anymore. A lot of the other autistic charecteristics and behaviors I had are happening a lot less than they use to. The autism people said that it was because I got lots and lots of early intervention. Yeah Quality Life Concepts!!! (They helped me from the time I was seven months old until we moved to Billings!)

We got a little puppy in the spring too. She's Pekinese and Pomeranian. I called her Freddie. Now we have a girl dog named Freddie and a girl cat named Billie! They are so cute, but Freddie keeps trying to play tug-of-war with my pant legs! Billie is always laying on top of the computer monitor.

In June of 2000 a lot of neat stuff happened! My Daddy got a great new job as Webmaster at Rocky Mountain College. He loves his job there and he gets to play with the computer all day long! Daddy also teaches classes there like Linux and Cisco. (I don't know what those things are, you'll have to ask my Daddy.)

Another great thing that happened in June was that my Mommy, Daddy and I got to go to the US Transplant Games!!! It was so cool! Check out what happened at the 2000 US Transplant Games.

During the summer I also took swimming lessons and spent a week at Adventure Camp at the YMCA. I even had a bicycle class through Eagle Mount Billings. I didn't like to ride on the regular bicycles though. I liked this one for people who can't use their legs. I could go really fast on it. I also went to a day camp through Eagle Mount. They help kids and adults like me who have disabilities. My Grandma and Grandpa Burton came to Billings and we went to the Montana Fair. I got to walk on the yellow brick road!

It was really hot during the summer. We went to an Air Show with Warren, Kassie, and Adea. We got to see planes fly around and look at some on the ground. It was WAY too hot though, so we went to Adea's house and played in the water. From her house we got to see the Thunder Birds. They were loud.















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